10 Non Weight Loss Reasons To Move Your Body

Too many times, I have seen people starting a new fitness plan to lose weight or gain muscles.  Their motivation to exercise is based on what they will see in the mirror and how their body will change.

This makes me very sad.

Sad that we live in a society that pushes us to hate our bodies.

Sad that we often believe changing our body will make us happy.

Sad that we let our body define our worth as human beings.

Sad that we’ve come to see exercise as a punishment or a chore.

Sad that exercise has become about a counting calories and pounds.

Sad that when announcing our plans to lose weight, we are often encouraged (as if we SHOULD be changing our body!).

That being said, exercise is such a powerful tool. I think it can be used for so much more than changing our body. For exercise to be sustainable, we need to change to way we approach it and focus on the INTERNAL changes it will bring, as opposed to external results. 


I do need to mention that movement is NOT an obligation. You are not a good person if you exercise, or a bad person if you don't. We need to stop equating exercise with morality.

Furthermore, if you living with an eating disorder, you may want to connect with your dietitian or therapist before engaging in physical activity. Sometimes, part of the healing process includes NOT exercising.

Movement can...

1.     Reduce stress and anxiety

2.     Enhance creativity

3.     Help you respect all the things your body can do

4.     Strengthen your bones

5.     Improve self-esteem

6.     Help you have a better night of sleep

7.     Improve your posture

8.     Give you energy

9.     Improve focus and productivity

10. Improve mood

I encourage you to find a reason to exercise beyond changing your body. It's also important to find a way to move your body that YOU LOVE! Let go of exercise as punishment and learn to embrace joyful movement!

What are YOUR reasons to exercise? What pushes you to move your body? :)