Why I Decided to Blog

This website has been under construction for quite a few weeks now, which has given me loads of time to think about how I would introduce this blog. Do I talk about how much I suffered from disordered eating? Do I explain why diets don’t work? Do I introduce the concepts of intuitive and mindful eating? Do I talk about how studying nutrition and becoming a dietitian has changed my perspective of food and eating?


I had so many ideas and couldn’t decide what to choose, until I was shopping and saw a magazine cover that promoted crash diets to lose weight. At that moment, it all became clear.


Anytime I see magazine covers like this, I feel a mix of emotions like sadness, anger and desperation, but it also sparks a fire in me: a passion, a calling, and a sense of purpose. It reminds me why I decided to go on this journey in the first place.

Because I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and feel nothing but disgust. Because I’ve lived the guilt that comes from eating foods often identified as “bad” or “unhealthy”. Because I know the power a scale can have on our feeling of self-worth. Because I’ve felt shame and hopelessness when a pair of jeans doesn’t fit anymore. Because I know the feeling of failure when calorie allowance is exceeded. Because I’ve felt unworthy of love since I don’t often look like the girls I see in magazines.

I know all those things. And sadly, I know I’m not alone.

For years, I’ve watched some of the people I love most struggle with body issues. I’ve seen them hate their appearance, try to change their bodies, go on diets, lose weight, feel discouraged, gain weight.  I’ve seen them spend so much energy on hating their body, on convincing themselves they are a failure, on blaming themselves for not having a specific body type or size.

And I can’t take it anymore.

I can’t spend one more day watching both woman and men get ripped apart by socially constructed beauty ideals.

So here I am.

This blog is dedicated to all of those who have recognized themselves in this blog post.

My biggest hope is that you find some comfort and love in my words.

You don’t need to change your body to become who you want to be. You are worthy, brilliant, brave and beautiful NOW. Right this minute. Right this second. And I want you to own who you are.

With love,